Education is Important Super eagles Player Goes back to school

Super Eagles forward Samuel Chukwueze has admonished footballers not to throw the idea of education away completely when they are facing their footballing career.

According to the young winger, Education is key and very good, without education, Interpretation of your contract as a footballer will be difficult.
Everyone seems to want their wards to play football like Chukwueze, but the Villarreal attacker is urging parents and guardians to ensure their Education is not left out completely.
”Education is very important if you don’t know how to read or write, you won’t understand anything about contract and terms when it’s time to sign deals.
Education is good for all the footballers, you can’t be focusing alone on football, what if football does not pay?
You need something to take you further, even as I’m playing, I need to finish my education too, Chukwueze ended.


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