Nigerian UFC Champion Kamaru Usman breaks Opponents’ Jaw and wins by KO

Nigerian UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman stopped challenger Colby Covington in the final minute of their main-event bout at UFC 245 in Las Vegas.

Usman broke down Covington in the last round, dropping him twice with two huge punches before referee Marc Goddard called off the contest.


The Nigerian, 32, broke Covington’s jaw with a huge punch in the third round.


Despite that, Covington continued to trade with the champion as the bout approached a thrilling climax that saw Usman claim a TKO victory with just 50 seconds remaining.


“I wasn’t worried about hitting him in specific spots, I just wanted to hit him over and over wherever I could,” said Usman.


“He talked a lot going into this, so this was a respect thing. I had a responsibility to go in there and teach him a lesson.”


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