Norwich manager Daniel Farke Blast Iheanacho

Norwich manager Daniel Farke was furious over Kelechi decision to attack rather than sportsmanly return possession to the visitors in Saturday’s Premier League clash at the King Power Stadium.

In the first half of the 1-1 draw behtween Liecester City and Norwich, the Canaries knocked the ball out of play so Emiliano Buendia could receive treatment.

They expected to receive it back, but Iheanacho chose to play on, and, after he was tripped, the angered Norwich players stormed to confront him, Todd Cantwell punished with a yellow card.

Norwich did eventually receive the ball back, James Maddison deliberately passing the free-kick wide.

“I’m usually quite calm, but in this situation my pulse was at 200 and I was also furious,”Farke told reporters after the game.


“It started with a situation, a tackle against Emi Buendia, I couldn’t understand why the free-kick wasn’t given. When this happened to Leicester players, he blew his whistle and he was right to do this.

“Leicester played on. Sometimes in the heat of the game, perhaps you don’t realise there is someone on the floor.

“We won the ball back and played the ball over the line in order to allow some treatment.

“It’s quite common in the whole world that there is fair play and the throw-in goes back to us. I think everybody in the stadium expected this.

“We were not organised. [Iheanacho] was willing to use this situation not to play the ball but surprisingly to try to score a goal.

“Out of this there was a free-kick given in an unbelievably dangerous area and there was a check of a red card of my player. It was strange. I can’t explain why it was a free-kick and a yellow card for my winger, because then you are always in danger.

“Thank God the outcome was just a yellow card. We can live with it, it could have been worse, that’s for sure.”


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