A new Arsenal concept kit has been branded “disgusting” and “awful” on social media as fans begin to look ahead to the 2020/21 season.

The Gunners switched back to Adidas at the beginning of the current campaign, replacing Puma.

And the German manufacturers dropped two strips, with the yellow away jersey reminiscent of the famous ‘bruised banana’ shirt from 1991 to 1993 and hugely popular but the home shirt receiving a mixed reaction.

But one potential home shirt for the next campaign, again designed by Adidas who have a five-year contract at the Emirates, did not go down well with supporters.

It featured the traditional red front but with a white sleeve and upper across the top and a V-neck collar.

The traditional three stripes are over the right shoulder and the jersey features a series of triangles which are used to form bizarre stripes.

But supporters on Twitter did not take kindly to the possible design.

One labelled it “awful” while another used the word “monstrosity” to describe it and a third went with “ugly”.

Another said: “Absolutely disgusting, it’s as though we went back to Puma.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Those weird triangle things look like part of a factory floor.”

And a final Arsenal fan commented: “Is it run over by a lorry?”

However, a few were far more complimentary and replied: “Take my money.”

One supporter shared two black concept away kits in response which were far more popular.

The first had red accent and featured a lightning-bolt effect on the front while the second used the yellow to compliment the black and went with the retro triangle shapes.


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