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The veteran centre-back believes more needs to be done in his homeland to stop the spread of Covid-19 after he returned there from France

Paris Saint-Germain defender Thiago Silva has admitted that he is “scared” of the impact that the coronavirus outbreak will have after returning to his native Brazil.

The Selecao centre-back flew back to his homeland earlier this week and is currently in quarantine as the worldwide pandemic continues to cause disruption to lives across the globe.

And while praising the swift actions of French president Emmanuel Macron in dealing with the many issues arising from the Covid-19 outbreak, the 35-year-old called on his compatriots in Brazil to take responsibility and try and stop the spread of the disease.

“I arrived yesterday (Wednesday) after a rather quiet flight. Here (in Rio de Janeiro), I am in quarantine. It is a situation which is not easy but the human being has a remarkable capacity for adaptation,” Thiago Silva told SporTV.

“How will I keep myself in shape? It’s going to be as complicated in Paris as it is here. In Paris, the training centres have closed, the club too. And in Brazil, they just made the same decisions. We will try to do some running but it will be more difficult for bodybuilding or that kind of thing.

“You will have to pay attention to food too. We’re not on vacation. It’s a moment of reflection. We’re all scared of what’s going on.

“President Macron drew inspiration from the situation in Italy to take containment measures. But, even being attentive to what was happening in this neighbouring country, France has not really managed to protect itself.

“In Brazil, we may still have time. I hope that the crisis will not be as violent as in Europe. It is our hope.

“I hope that people will become aware of the seriousness of the situation as soon as possible. I hope the beaches are going to empty. These are not school holidays. It’s a moment of reflection.

“You have to stay at home hoping that everything will come back to normal as soon as possible.”

Brazil has recorded fewer than 10 deaths from coronavirus thus far but has recently closed its borders as it aims to contain the virus in the coming weeks.

The footballing future of Thiago Silva, meanwhile, is up in the air, with the veteran’s contract at PSG set to run out on June 30.

It is not yet known whether the 2019-20 season will be completed before that date, and as such clubs all over the world have decisions to make regarding the futures of players who are set to become free agents in just over three months’ time.


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