Pelican Star FC Calabar protest against unpaid 10 months salary ...


Cross River State female football team, the Pelican Stars on Monday protested non-payment of their ten Months salaries.

The protesters numbering about fifty blocked the governor’s office entrance preventing people on essential duties from gaining access to their offices.

The players carried placards with various inscriptions such as “Ayade must pay; we need money for sanitary pads, please our digital governor come to our aid, due to hunger, one of our players is hospitalized, we are breadwinners of our families!”

Speaking on behalf of others, the team captain, Odo Williams lamented that the state government has owed them for ten months, adding that most of the players have to beg before they can eat or buy their sanitary pads.

She said one of their players was rushed to the general hospital last Friday and the doctor said she has an ulcer, “We came to visit our father, who is the governor, we have not been paid our ten months salaries.

“One of our players slumped and she is in the general hospital suffering from an ulcer and it is caused by hunger. We need money, the situation is so bad that we have to go to our management to ask for money for sanitary pads.

Incidentally, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Ben Ukpepi was driving when he saw them protesting, he stopped and addressed them saying, “Your action is right because a labourer deserves his wage.

“We were not aware until last week when I received a letter from you. It is possible that the governor is not aware of this but I assure you that I will reach out to the governor on your plight to know the reason why this has not been done and I believe that you will be paid soon” he pleaded.


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