Guayaquil City player Edwin Espinoza, aged 20, was shot dead in front of his house in the Guayaquil neighbourhood Isla Trinitaria, in Ecuador.

His coach Carlos Franco has revealed that the attacker confused his player for someone else.

“[Espinoza was] a proper young football player, very respectful and educated, with a great projection within Guayaquil City,” he told EFE.

“I have known him since he was 12 when he arrived at the club.

“As we learned, [attackers] confused him with someone else when he was at the door of his house today.”

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Espinoza was part of Guayaquil City’s reserves, while the first team currently sit fifth in the Ecuadorian league, four points behind leaders Tecnico Universitario.

The young midfielder was training at home due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country, as the league has been suspended since March 15.


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