Manchester united striker odion ighalo has revealed he has no plans of changing his current shirt number at Manchester united even if his stay with the club  becomes permanent.

Ighalo has been asked whether he would consider changing his current number 25 shirt for a more traditional striking number.

But he replied in a Q&A: “No I don’t think so. The No.25 has been giving me luck so far so why would I want to change it?

“I picked it because when I joined the team that was the jersey that was available, I think that it was No.25 and No.19 – so I picked 25 because when I was in the Premier League before I wore 24 at Watford … so 24 plus one is 25 so I just picked 25.

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“Legends like Antonio Valencia wore that shirt so it’s a privilege. Nigerian Kanu wore the No.25 when he was at Arsenal, so it’s a great number. I just picked it and said, ‘Okay, yeah, lucky number for me.’”


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