Newcastle v Arsenal, 2019/20 | Premier League


Newcastle United Team Take Over is set to be very close to completion after the saudi arabia backed consurtiom paid a deposit and exchange contract with Mike Ashely.

it is not yet reveal how long it will take to review all the relevant document, but the deal could be concluded before the end of april.

Once this is finalised, the remainder of the £300m fee will be forwarded to Ashley and the deal could be completed as early as the end of the month.

The Premier League began its mandatory background checks earlier this month on those involved in Amanda Staveley’s consortium, which includes Saudi’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

He controls the country’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) – one of the world’s wealthiest sovereign funds – which looks set to own 80 per cent of the club’s shares.

Premier League rules allow them to consider the ability to fund the club, alongside any criminal records of those involved in a takeover.

In 2017, the league broadened its scope, allowing them to consider any crimes committed by individuals outside the UK.

However, any concerns regarding Saudi’s human rights record would need intervention from the UK government to influence whether the sale could be allowed to go ahead, a move which is thought to be highly unlikely.


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