A life sentence for a soccer player who killed his son due to ...


Turkish footballer Cevher Toktas has admitted to murdering his five-year-old son in a hospital in Bursa.

On April 23, the Bursa Yildirim Spor player took his son to hospital after he showed symptoms of coronavirus.

Hours later, Toktas told medical staff that his son was suffering from breathing problems and that, despite being moved to an ICU, he had died.

Now, days later, Toktas has turned himself into police and confessed to killing his son himself simply because he didn’t like him.

“I put a cushion on my son’s head, who was asleep with his mouth open, and I held it down for 15 minutes without stopping,” he confessed to the police.

“I never wanted him, [ever] since he was born. I don’t know why I didn’t want him.

“That was the only reason I killed him – because I didn’t want him.

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“I don’t have any mental problem.”

Toktas has been arrested and will be put on trial for homicide, for which he could be given a life sentence.


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