Organisers of the Nigeria Pitch Awards are still optimistic of hosting the 7th edition of the glamorous award this year irrespective of the COVID-19 pandemic raving the world.

Chief Executive Officer of the Pitch Award, Mr Shina Philips told journalists in Abuja that plans are underway to stage the event in line with the social distancing guideline of the Federal government.

“This year’s EURO Cup and the 2020 Olympics due to hold this summer in Tokyo have been put off,” Philips said. “All Football, Rugby, Basketball Leagues in Europe, America, Asia and Africa have long been suspended with organizers considering declaring them inconclusive altogether. Saudi Arabia, the primordial home of all Muslims, have advised intending pilgrims to defer travel arrangements for the 2020 hajj scheduled to hold between July and August this year.

“Unfortunately, we had already scheduled the 7th Award Ceremony of the Nigeria Pitch Awards before the lockdown was announced. But like other international events, the pandemic had forced organizers to suspend the event.

“For us as a responsible organization, we could not have done otherwise. We felt we should abide by Government’s order and toe the line of all responsible organizations.
“However, we are strategizing to ensure we can still hold the award ceremony in line with the social distancing guideline as soon as possible.”

The 7th edition of the awards was slated for March 30 in Asaba, Delta State but was put off because of the rampaging pandemic.


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