Bundesliga players are having to spend 10 days in isolated camps before the restart of Germany’s top two divisions.

Players from the 38 clubs in Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga started these camps last weekend and are due to spend 10 days away from their families.

This measure has been put in place as part of the Bundesliga’s strict safety protocol in order to reduce the risk of infection.

During these 10 days, players will either stay in hotels exclusively for their use or private team residences.

They will stay in single rooms, practice social distancing, wear masks and avoid contact with anyone in the hotel.


Before and during their arrival, rooms and eating areas have been disinfected and maintained at a certain temperature.

There will be limited numbers of hotel staff, as well as a reduced number of coaching staff for the team.

Players will be allowed out of the hotel or residence once a day to go to training.

“It’s a circus,” one Bundesliga player told MARCA.

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“It’s a task for the players because we’re apart from our families for 10 days.

“But we have to do it this way.

“It’s a sacrifice in order for football to return, which is what we all want, apart from good health.”


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