FIFA Ambassador and Former Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger, has called for the January transfer window to be scrapped.

Wenger, now chief of global development for FIFA, believes that the January window can act as an incentive for out of favour players to stop trying for their clubs – and only causes a problem for managers.

He said, “I am for the abolition of the January transfer window.

“Managers don’t deal with this second window well.”

But, he added, for unhappy players out of a team in October, the looming window is looked at as a means to escape.

Wenger said: “In October, as soon as a player does not play anymore, he tries to find a solution elsewhere and waits for January to leave. He is no longer mobilised, he gives up.

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“But when you make a mistake, a player as much as a club, very well! You have to assume that responsibility.”


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