More Watford players have joined captain Troy Deeney by deciding not to return to training on Wednesday, following the club’s three positive tests for Covid-19.

Deeney has been very strong on his stance that he will not return to training, believing it is too early for clubs to return and because some of his questions have remained unanswered.

The Hornet’s captain revealed yesterday his exact reasons for not returning and on Tuesday afternoon his stance was at least partially vindicated.

It was revealed that there were six positive Covid-19 tests and three came from Watford, including one player, and, according to the Athletic, ‘several’ more players have chosen to follow Deeney’s actions and won’t return to training on Wednesday.

748 Premier League players and staff were tested for the virus on Monday as part of ‘Project Restart’, with Norwich City’s tests being done on Tuesday, and only six came back positive.

Half were from Watford with the player and two members of staff now self isolating for seven days and Burnley’s assistant manager Ian Woan confirmed as another of the positive tests.

The Hertfordshire club have been one of the more vocal on their belief that Project Restart has been pushed too early but despite that, and the positive tests, are still returning to training with the guidelines in place.

Last week manager Nigel Pearson spoke to The Times about the return of football saying, “God forbid we have a fatality. People are closing their eyes to the threat.

“Yes, we would like to restart it but it’s got to be safe. We should be cautious. To ignore possibilities is foolhardy,” clubs then voted on Monday to allow players to return to training in small groups whilst continuing with social distancing, similar measures in Germany were put in place ahead of Bundesliga’s return last week.

Deeney would be integral to Watford’s survival hopes.

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Some have criticised Watford, and Deeney, for their caution by suggesting it’s all to do with their desire to stop relegation and save themselves from the drop. The club are currently only avoiding going back into the Championship on goal difference.

On Tuesday Deeney explained that his five month old baby and unanswered questions about people of black, Asian and mixed ethnicity being more likely to contract the virus were the reasons he doesn’t want to return.


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