Australia tennis star Nick Kyrgios has admitted having weekly sex rendezvous with fans following his split with girlfriend fellow tennis star  Anna Kalinskaya.

The 25-year-old While playing Fortnite with Twitch user babztv1,  was taking questions and confirmed that he

was indeed sleeping with fans regularly.

One asked whether or not he has ever slept with a fan, to which he replied: “Yes.

“In all seriousness if I’m not seeing someone it’s like a weekly thing.”

The controversial star also went on to detail one incident during a match against Roger Federer when an attractive member of the crowd arrested his eye.

“I was slicing up Fedz and was like ‘damn’,” the No 40 said. “I wanted to take her out for a drink.”

When pressed on whether or not he has a particular type, the Aussie had a quick answer.

“Tall Eastern European’s I’m just like ‘take half my earnings’ [chuckles].”

Kyrgios who has been fingered as one of the bad boys of tennis however down played his split with 21 year old Anna submitting that they just decided to go their separate ways.

“What happened to Kalinskaya? Nothing happened,” he said. “We just went our separate ways.

“Unfortunately things didn’t work out. We had some fun memories,”

The Russian had initially dished out some posts that appeared to indicate misunderstanding but deleted some explaining that it was about someone else and not Kyrgios.

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And Kanlinskaya posted “f*** energy vampire,” before it was deleted on social media, in addition to, “you’re not a bad boy, you are simply a bad person.”


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