Mike Tyson has shown off his physique for the first time since announcing his boxing comeback and he looks in remarkable shape for 53-years-old.

‘Iron Mike’ has peppered social media with training clips over the last few weeks but they were all with a shirt on, with many fans speculating how he would look once in the ring.

However, a post on Chinese social media site Weibo has shown the Brooklyn native is in unreal condition.

Check out the images below.

The ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ looks to be in better condition now than he was during his last fight in 2005.

Tyson slumped to a shock defeat against journeyman fighter Kevin McBride and swiftly retired after the loss.

What followed was a spiral into a dark place, as admitted by the man himself.

Tyson has stated he was once a cocaine addict and it was in 2009 he realised he had hit ‘rock bottom’.

The former world champion explained he once started fighting prostitutes while high on drugs, as he was paranoid they wanted to steal from him.

He explained to Las Vegas Weekly in 2012 per Daily Mail: “Laying in bed in a hotel room – I try never to be alone, even if it’s a prostitute, a dog.

“This is really dark. I am in my hotel suite, I’ve got seven women there, and I have a morphine drip, and I had my cocaine, and I had my (Viagra-like pill) Cialis, I had my marijuana, I had the Hennessy.

“And I am at my lowest point because I got paranoid and I thought these women were trying to rob me and set me up.

“I started beating them. I was in a dark place. There was a purpose, though, because I didn’t want to give them any more of my soul.

“So this is my devil, this is where I am, I am locked up alone. There is nobody there telling me that I’m doing too much.

“That is the devil, he won. I kicked them all out. So that was my lowest point. Oh, man. I am just very grateful to be here – my heart should have blown apart.”

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His turnaround in recent years will culminate in a triumphant return to the ring.

The bouts will be in aid of charity, with Tyson already doing his part by auctioning off a 3 hour meet and greet session for a lucky fan sometime next year.


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