A YouTuber took to the streets of Barcelona, Spain to ask different women who they would like to date between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Both players have always attracted fierce debates in the football circle as regards over who is the best player of all time.

But shifting away from the pitch, Torres Pit uploaded a video where he sampled the opinions of the ladies on who their preferred choice would be.

Three women went for Messi while the fourth picked Ronaldo in the video before Messi pulled well ahead with the next two women.

One of the women said she went for Messi because “he’s the best player in the world, obviously.”

Surprisingly, Messi went 6-1 up against Ronaldo thanks to a vote cast from a Real Madrid supporter.  The Argentine ace took home the final two votes to win by a complete landslide.

The Los Blancos fan said that the Barcelona captain is “really natural” while suggesting that Ronaldo is “fake, plastic-ish and he needs to show off on social media.”

She did add that the former Madrid superstar is “hot,” but he’s not the one for dating.

The woman who chose Messi admitted that she doesn’t like when a man is covered all over in tattoos.

But when Torres Pit asked if she doesn’t rate David Beckham because of his tattoos, she hilariously responded: “No, he’s very good looking.”

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One of the final women to cast her vote said that Messi is a “better” choice over Ronaldo, adding that the Juventus superstar is “too fake” and “plastic.”


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