His agent Jonathan Barnett told Stretty Sports: ‘I don’t think they [Aston Villa] are looking at the Championship themselves, they believe that hopefully they’ll get out of the trouble they’re in.

‘Jack believes it, he’s fighting hard, as hard as he can to stop that. That’s all that is on his mind at the moment,” he said.

‘He’s not interested in anything else other than fighting to get Aston Villa out of any trouble,’ he added.

The Englishman who is also Aston Villa’s captain has been their best player so far this campaign with 7 Premier League goals also attracting interest from both sides of Manchester.

Earlier this season, Villa reportedly requested an £80m fee for Grealish.

His agent said a move Manchester United could be possible due to the possibility of him playing in the UEFA Champions League next season as it would greatly improve this 24 year old progress.

Amidst the transfer speculations, Grealish’s agent, insisted that his [Grealish] main aim for now is keeping Villa in the Premier League as they face relegation battles.


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