Adidas, hip-hop artist Williams release 'Humanrace' retro football kits


Adidas have released a number of stunning new retro kits as part of a link up with Humanrace.

European giants such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich have all had their classic kits re-imagined with the help of award-winning hip-hop artist and producer Pharrell Williams, who is the Humanrace creative director and a long-time collaborator with Adidas.


The highly-artistic designs have been created using a “reverse engineered, raw, and expressive hand-drawn design technique” and are already being well-received on social media.


Discussing the unique collection, Pharrell Williams said: “History is what shapes the future, and sometimes in order to look forwards, first we need to look back.


“The most important part of the process with this collection was to learn of each club’s legacies and how each defining moment of their histories were captured and preserved from a design perspective. Each of the new jerseys are symbols of the five club’s legacies and a true celebration of the universality of sport.”

Arsenal, Manchester United and Real Madrid are to wear the shirts as pre-match jerseys from October 24, but Bayern Munich and Juventus are going one better.


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