How too much 'weed' smoking brought out Adesanya's flabby pectoral muscle


Israel Adesanya has revealed that his flabby pectoral muscle came out due to too much ‘smoking of weed’ before UFC 253.

Adesanya knocked out Paulo Costa in round two of their Fight Island headliner in September.

But afterward, the middleweight champion’s right pec went viral as it sagged down compared to his left.

Adesanya, 31, explained it may have been due to ‘unhealthy living’ like smoking weed, which he refuses to stop doing.

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He told TMZ Sports: “My pituitary gland was checked, hormone levels are fine, so are estrogen and testosterone [levels].

“Yesterday we had an ultrasound and a mammogram, I had one for the first time. To be honest, it might have been the unhealthy living a little bit.

“Like smoking weed, that’s what the doctor from the UFC said. He said I need to stop but I said I’m not stopping.

“I’m just going to slow down on the smoking weed.”

Adesanya was forced to strenuously deny rumours his chest problem was due to taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Steroid use can result in gyno, where pecks enlarge, swell up or sag.

Adesanya strenuously denied rumours his chest problem was due to taking performance-enhancing drugs

But unlike with Adesanya’s case, it usually affects both the pectoral muscles.

When asked by ESPN reporter Ariel Helwani if he had ever taken steroids, he replied: “F*** no! F*** no! I know you believe me, but come on!

“I’m not one of thsoe people that need a crutch that when that s*** is taken away, they feel weak, they feel inadequate.

“You saw that when USADA came through, a lot of bodies changed and a lot of people didn’t feel good enough without their little magic supplements.

“But that’s not me. Skills pay the bills.”


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