Shocker as Serie A imposes ban on International players from travelling


Several international Serie A players have received a ban from travelling from their local ASL and are unable to join their national teams.

The first local health authority that prevented players from joining their national teams was the one of Florence which banned Fiorentina players from leaving the city after José Maria Callejon had tested positive for Coronavirus.

Fiorentina have been closed in a bubble for two days and according to the Serie A protocol they have to self-isolate for ten days since the first case emerged.

Later on Sunday afternoon, other local health authorities in Italy have prevented players from leaving the country and join their national teams.

As of now, players of Sassuolo, Genoa, Roma, Lazio and Inter have been banned from travelling as each one of these teams have at least one positive player within the group.

Six Juventus players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, broke the Juventus bubble last month to join their national teams and were reported by the club to the local ASL which informed the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office who opened an investigation.

The players that have received a call-up may still join their national teams after the end of their self-isolation period as other Juventus players did last month.

Dejan Kulusevski, Merih Demiral, Wojciech Szczesny, Aaron Ramsey and others joined their national teams a few days after the beginning of the training camp and after the end of the self-isolation period.


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