Zlatan Ibrahimovic in an interview with Il Corriere dello Sport;

“Today I feel like a leader. The team follows me. Ten years ago, it was a different Milan. But even the Milan I found in 2020 was different, a young team. We work and we sacrifice. The results are not just my merit,” the Swede said.

“We are doing great things, but we haven’t won anything yet.”

“It’s still to early, there are many games left, but we don’t set limits, second-placed are just the first losers. I only want to give the best for this team, all the time, also during trainings.”

He spoke on his and Donnarumma’s contract expiring in the summer:

“He is the best goalkeeper in the world, but I never tell him. He must continue to have ambition, but it’s not normal that he’s never played in the Champions League.

“I’ll continue playing as long as I feel well. Then we’ll see, we’ll talk about my contract. I didn’t want to put myself in a trap with no way out, that’s why I initially signed a six-month contract which I renewed afterwards. Others made different choices.”

“I don’t want to talk about how many games I’ve played, it makes me feel old. My challenge is to develop a young team now, it’s something different from what I used to do. But being successful in it, makes me feel happier than when I win.”

His relationship with Milan coach Stefano Pioli?

“He coaches and I play. I like what he tells me, I’m feeling well on and off the pitch and I believe my tasks are well-balanced. He proved he can coach a big club. Last season his future was in doubt, he could say: ‘Goodbye, I’ll go where there is a tomorrow.’”

On the way he felt testing for COVID-19 this past September.

“I didn’t know what to expect. I was stuck in a room, talking to the walls. I was waiting for the symptoms and they arrived. First headache, then back pain, I never had fever. After 16 days they told me I was negative, but I tried to train at home and I was immediately fatigued.”

Also asked about buying Play Station 5 for his teammates:

“I only asked: who wants to have it at a good price? I bought it for those who put themselves on the list. For the others it was too late.”

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