Hamilton seeks TV money in £40m-a-year negotiations



Lewis Hamilton is looking to secure a chunk of Mercedes’ TV money in negotiations over his £40m-a-year deal.

That’s according to former F1 team chief Eddie Jordan as the Brit continues to stall over signing a three-year deal with the racing team worth £120m.

It has led to speculation that the 36-year-old, who won a record-equalling seven Drivers’ Championship last season with Mercedes, is looking for extras from the deal.

The two main conditions were reportedly a share of the team’s prize money and a Mercedes One hypercar, which Hamilton was involved in the development of.

But Jordan believes that a big point of difference is the Brit’s value to the German manufacturers in terms of broadcasting fees

Mercedes have denied that Lewis Hamilton is making two demands as part of contract negotiations

Mercedes deny Lewis Hamilton making two demands as part of contract negotiations

Speaking to PA Agency, the 72-year-old said: “If I was his manager, I would be saying to Mercedes, ‘look, we add a lot of value to Mercedes’ overall income over the year. It is positively wrong to ignore that’.

“I believe Lewis is looking for 10 per-cent of the team’s television money and it is hard to understand why he would not be worth that.


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