Erling Haaland’s agent Mino Raiola in an interview with AS:

Mino Raiola’s Interview:

On Haaland:

“If  he told me where he wants to play? No, I don’t care what he says now. He has to tell me when he has everything clear in his head – his words – then I can come up with a plan and tell him what options we have .”

“I don’t know if they can afford Haaland because I don’t know their finances – Raiola replies – but I think so. The question is another: Can Real afford not to buy someone like Haaland? Barcelona already has more difficulties, but it is not impossible.”

“Dortmund don’t want to sell Haaland, as of today we know that they absolutely have no intention of letting him go. They clearly told me they don’t want to sell him. This is what they said. Now, we have to see if this line persists until September 1st.”

On meeting Barça and Real Madrid:

“If you prefer a specific championship? He only thinks about scoring and winning titles. He will choose the team that will give him the most guarantees on both aspects . How many teams have called me? All the big names that had joined the Super League asked for information about him. . When Barcelona and Real Madrid arrive it’s hard to say no. The same with PSG, Manchester City are growing and Juventus have always been among the big ones. In Spain there are three teams that want him.”  Speaking of La Liga, Raiola also talks about the trip a month ago, Thursday 1 April, to Madrid and Barcelona, where in the company of the father of the player Alf-Inge he first met Florentino Perez and then Joan Laporta. “I went there for a pleasure trip with his father, who wanted to congratulate Laporta and visit Marbella. In Barcelona then there is no private terminal. There is simply a paparazzo there 24 hours a day, he was not there for us: I think was waiting for an actress.”

Haaland’s Contract:

“What matters most is the player’s will,  if Borussia is interested in selling him in the summer of 2022 to earn more, then you have to ask them. His future is linked to the club’s qualification for the next Champions League. League? You are saying that . We can imagine many things over the next few months. If a good opportunity presents itself and everyone is happy, we will evaluate it. Staying is a risk, but leaving is also a risk . If he is ready for a top club ? I think everyone says it, it proved it.Now he has to let the market do the talking . “


“The fates of the two players have never been linked . You must know that Messi and Neymar, or Ronaldinho can coexist with other greats in the big clubs. It all depends on yourself. Mbappé has another year on his contract. PSG can do two things: either what Borussia did with Lewandowski years ago, don’t sell him and let him go at no cost, which is a very brave position, or he can sell him now . It depends on the club, on the player, on many factors.”

Haaland like Ibrahimovic:

“I saw him for the first time on TV, he was playing with Molde. I liked him and I went to see him there live. It doesn’t happen often.”

“Like Cristiano Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic, he made football the fulcrum of his life . He doesn’t even know which restaurants are in Dortmund. He always thinks about improving. For me the great champions are the simplest people . Erling is Scandinavian, like Ibra, who has taught the people of Malmoe that you can be whoever you want.”

On Paul Pogba:

“The important thing now is to know what Manchester United wants to do, what project does Pogba propose. Paul wants to win titles and win the Champions, we will see where it will be possible to do so, whether at Manchester United or in other clubs.

Why not go to Real is in the past? not easy for big clubs like United and Realto agree a transfer, the strong clubs do not want to sell strong players to other strong clubs. But do not tease anyone Pogba would be attracted by the Real also from presence of Zidane, his boyish idol.

Impossible operation? In football, never say never. What if from Madrid they proposed the Hazard-Pogba exchange? I’ll just give an example. If all four parties like it, why not?”

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