Manchester United vs Fulham 1-1 Highlights (Download Video)Joe Bryan is the latest Fulham player to take a knock, a stray (and unintentional) elbow from Greenwood caught him. United haven’t quite built on that goal, with a stodgy period in the last few minutes.

So dreadful from Lindelof. Not only does he have a head-start but his positioning seems reasonably sound. Yet he’s outsprinted effortlessly. United have had little to contend with from Fulham and the supporters are still high from Cavani’s magnificence. It’s been an improvement on Liverpool but the front six, other than Cavani, have not really been at it.

Should do better but can only find De Gea after outrunning and outmuscling Lindelof. A big miss for the visitors.

A couple of sloppy bits of passing from United are encouraging Fulham every now and then. McTominay’s tackling has been very good though, to recover the ball. Fred’s dangerous through-ball doesn’t quite find the feet of Cavani. United win a corner though.




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